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Teether also use for different time, do you know this knowledge about teether?

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How to choose the suitable toy for baby?

Toy for adults, kids don’t distinguish toy, even though which one spend much money to buy from our parent. Kids only know whether it is funny or not when play it. As long as it can meet our kids growth and development, they may become kids’ toys.
And as a new naive parents, how to choose the suitable toy for our baby?

1. Handle-bell

Baby have unconscious of grasping, we can prepare some toys with handle and noisy. In addition to the Handle-bell can train baby hand exercise, play a role in hearing, and help children identify cause and effects. The baby will found that the toy will make a sound by shake by hand, and then baby will shake more cheerfully. It will make the baby recognize his body and control it. This is important process and a key part of developing other skills. The standards of choosing the handle-bell: safe and chew, suitable noise, comfortable handle by hand.

2. Cartoon teether

For the “teeth-growth period”,it like biting everything, the teether can play a good soothing effect.

①They have a good texture in the baby’s mouth, not too hard or too soft, they are chewy for the baby~
②It is suitable for the baby’s finger state, easy to handle, and can be gnawed in all directions.

3. DIY bracelet teether

If there are any toys that can be played for a long time, then the first choice is balls and blocks.

This can be put in the mouth to bite, after cleaning; you can use by children safely. There are different ways to play according to the different developmental stages of the baby, not only can train tactile perception, but also do visual training to observe which color the baby is more interested in

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