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The baby eats independently; did you choose the right fork and spoon group? Test the practicality of various spoons

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“Bent spoon

Advantages ✔✔✔

1. The fork and spoon head can be twisted according to the baby’s needs.

2. The triangular head is used to fork the fruit very stable, the baby can use the fork it by himself.


1. The food will leak from the side when the spoon is scooped, the baby can hardly drink it in his mouth.

2. The material is PP plastic, the baby bites a lot of teeth marks.

Short handle cartoon spoon
Advantages ✔✔✔

1. The whole is made of silicone material, which is safe for babies to use and protects the gums.

2. The cute shape does not feel like a fork and spoon but more like a toy.


1. Because the fork is made of silicone, it is more difficult to fork food.

2. The baby always thinks this is a toy, and he keeps biting the fork and spoon when eating, it is not easy to eat.

Warm spoon

1. 47℃ of temperature and discoloration can prevent the baby from scalding.

2. It can be disinfected by temperature, and there will be no bacterial residues.

The baby’s first spoon is preferably a food-grade silicone soft-headed spoon.

Features: The whole is made of food-grade silicone material; the spoon will not harm the baby’s tender gums, and can also act as a temporary teether during the baby’s teething period. Equipped with a long spoon handle to make feeding easier for mothers, the spoon head is small and the amount of scooping is suitable, suitable for feeding and using in the early stage of the baby’s feeding. ”

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