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The baby is hungry when going out, so it’s easy to get rid of greedy without getting dirty

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Choosing the right tableware is easy to use, safe, cute and more drop-resistant.

The first deciduous teeth love to grind and bite
Food grade material for peace of mind
All kinds of nut snacks can be easily taken
The soft petals will not scratch your hands, and you will not be afraid of falling when you play in reverse.
No deformation after repeated sucking and biting

Anti-drop and anti-bite
The material is thick and the adults are also constantly pulling
The silicone material has good tension and flexibility, it is comfortable to the touch, resistant to abrasion and fall, and will not break or deform when pulled at will. Mom no longer has to worry about the baby breaking the dinner plate.

One-piece molding, clean without hiding dead corners

Silicone tableware is formed in one piece, the inner wall is round and smooth and easy to clean, and a variety of capacities are also more suitable for babies
Temperature resistance -20~200℃, can be sterilized by high-temperature water, care for the peace of mind of every bite of your baby.

Wide and thick non-slip double handles, better for your baby

Wide and non-slip double handle design, easy for baby to hold
It can promote the baby’s hand-mouth coordination and cognition of things.

Sealed dust cover
Strictly sealed bite
The snacks are not easy to oxidize, creating a nutritious and pure snack storage warehouse.

Clever Folding Design
Dining and play, unlimited joy

Three-stage soft elastic silicone can be folded lightly, can bend and stretch, enhance the fun of eating for cute babies

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