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The baby learns to eat independently, often knocks over and breaks the bowl. The scene is a mess. With it, the bear child on the dinner table is fixed, and the baby can eat easily.

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Baby snack bowl, enjoy tea wantonly afternoon, baby eat snacks and shake at will, snacks will not be spilled, foldable and portable, convenient and compact, dust-proof and leak-proof

Flexible starfish-style opening, precise grip without hurting your hands, the small starfish shape opening design, flexible and easy to spill snacks, easy to handle without hurting the tender hands.

High quality silicone baby feeding tray, food-grade material, you can rest assured with every bite Strictly selected food grade materials, safe and odorless, rest assured that it is close to the food Baby eats at ease, mother is more at ease.

One piece suction cup to prevent overturning, the bottom suction cup design can be steadily absorbed on the table without shifting.

Round Bionic handle

Thick and practical material, the handle is smooth and five burrs, just like two smart big ears, easy to hold and more intelligent.

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