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The Necessity of Silicone Teether

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Teether can massage baby gums, alleviate various discomforts in teething period, and exercise baby chewing, biting action.


Teether can soothe the baby’s impatience and increase the sense of security for the baby.

Hot Sale Food Grade Non-Toxic Baby Teething Chew Toys can be used as a toy or a bite, but it should be cleaned and kept clean. Molar stick is hard, the baby is not interested in taking it for a while and also useless without any tooth.
• At another point of view, the molars are more suitable for child to hold and bite by himself for 2 to 5 years old baby.
• It would be more appropriate to use silicone teether in molar shape.

There are teethers for three months, six months and eight months.
• Sometimes it is itching before teething,
• Sometimes it is uncomfortable when teething,
• Sometimes it is front teeth,
• Sometimes it is cusp teeth,
• Sometimes it is back teeth.

Different baby teethers disinfection methods are different as well.

Advantages of using Silicone Teether

• Relieve teething discomfort

Children’s daily life in the appropriate consumption of teether plays a nice relief of long teeth discomfort. It also alleviate the situation of children grinding teeth. When the baby begins to grow teeth, the gums will be very uncomfortable and do not adapt to the growth process of teeth. The use of gum can play a role in grinding teeth when the baby’s gums itch, relieving the discomfort.

• Massage baby gums

In addition, the proper use of Silicone Teether, which is so soft that does not hurt the gums, and can help massage the gums. It helps stimulate the gums and promotes the growth of baby teeth.

• Prevent biting harmful things

Silicone Teether can prevent children bite some harmful substances, to avoid the emergence of poisoning children.
During the teething period, the baby will not be able to help but want to bite something.

The teether can prevent the baby from grabbing anything around him and putting them into his mouth to bite or suck, so as to avoid biting dangerous or unhealthy thing.

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