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Your Must Have Food Grade Silicone Bibs!
Feeding time is always messy and leaves stains on your baby’s clothes. As a parent, you’d love to let your toddler learn to eat by themselves without creating a mess, but we all know that’s almost impossible. So here comes the Food Grade Silicone Bibs, with silicone Bibs, you’ll be able to keep your baby’s clothes free of stains and at the same time, allow your toddler to explore their plate! Using ultra-lightweight, durable and BPA-free silicone, we offer you the perfect feeding bib for your baby!

Perfect Contour with Wide Food Pocket
We all know that we can’t expect your toddler to sit through meal time without any mess. Squirming, fussing, and tossing food around is an everyday sight, isn’t it? Making a bib stay straight, covering your toddler’s clothes and having a food catcher that stays open are all key considerations in constructing our Silicone Bibs. We are proud to say that our Silicone Bibs have passed the test. Tried and tested to stay securely around your toddler’s neck, even with lots of movement, while providing the widest opened food catcher pocket than any others.

Why Our Legenday Silicone Bib Set?
•100% baby-safe: BPA-free food grade silicone
•Lightweight with soft edges: Your toddler will not remember it’s there!
•Easy to clean: wipe to clean and dishwasher safe
•3-buttons design: Keeps the silicone bib secure around your toddler’s neck
•Wide food pocket: stays open throughout mealtime
•6 Adjustable neckline: use from 6-36 months
•Compact and portable: perfect for travelling
•Durable and lasting. Tear-proof premium-grade silicone
•100% positive feedback from our buyer

Legenday is FDA & CE certified.
We’ve done all the research, testing, design and production so you can confidently choose us for your market.
Our main market including USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Romania, Poland, Netherlands, Spain. Also Australia, New Zealand. Reputation among clients in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Malaysia, Indonesia and many more.

OEM/ODM order was welcomed, free samples will be offered within 24 hours. Please don’t hesitate to contact with me to get more details.

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