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What are the characteristics and advantages of silicone toys from the material?

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1. Because silicone is natural rubber (also known as silicone), the material’s first advantage of it is non-toxic, it will not produce harmful substances to the human body.

2. Because Custom Design Silicone Rainbow Building Block Stacking Toy is often vulcanized at high temperature in the production process, they have high temperature resistance and it has 220 degrees.

Silicone raw material has many advantages, such as: low temperature resistance -40 degrees, insulation, green environmental protection and so on. The above two points are mainly reflected in the manufacture of toys.
Silicone toys are leisure and entertainment to accompany us, we must use for a long time to clean, silicone toys can be washed with boiled water and effective disinfection, do not worry about the toy itself will be bad. Silicone toys have a colorful and beautiful color; I believe that we see it is obvious. Many silicone products on the market are very bright color, very durable, such as silicone bag, silicone anti-collision cushion. Silicone has the characteristics of long life, anti-itching in the air, not volatile because of a long life, not say 10 or 20 years of life, from the first child born to five years after birth, to the second child born can continue to play with these silicone toys, the color will be beautiful as before.

Silicone toys are usually made of soft materials, and the fairy silicone raw materials will not harm children’s skin. For example, the same toy is made of two materials, silicone and plastic. There may be a little bit of raw edge on the toy, but the silicone material doesn’t hurt the baby, and the plastic is usually very hard, so it could be cut into the baby. A variety of colors to choose from, many babies are curious about the world, the baby will like a variety of colors at this time, as the baby grows up, there may be only a few colors alone. So choose a variety of colors is also a good choice.

In this day and age, I believe gift giving is normal. For example, if it’s a colleague’s birthday, it’s normal to send small gifts or cakes. The babies are the same, like a relative’s child two years old. What kind of silicone toys we can give; What silicone gifts can be given to children when they turn 5?; By the age of 10, we can send some silicone pencil cases or other things, silicone products in children also have a lot of. From the birth of the pacifier to the silicone gift for primary school graduation, the main silicone material is safe, practical and beautiful! The child received will be happy and happy!

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