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What if baby under 1 year old doesn’t cooperate with brushing teeth?

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It is recommended babies under 1 year old need including newborns to brush their teeth twice a day.
Baby’s teeth stay in the mouth for 6 ~ 10 years. It is easy to lead to dental caries if they are not well cared for. It is likely to affect the development of permanent teeth in the future if the caries is too deep and damages the dental nerve or pulp.

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends:
Babies should start brushing their teeth when their first deciduous tooth erupts. On the one hand, brushing teeth can reduce the breeding of bacteria and on the other hand, it can help children adapt to cleaning habits. In other words, after the baby is born, it is necessary to do a good job in oral cleaning. During the baby’s deciduous teeth, parents should clean plaque from the baby’s teeth every day to keep the mouth clean and cultivate the child’s hygiene habits.

The overall solution is to use the right products (toothbrush and toothpaste) together with toys, picture books and story guidance.

1. Finger toothbrush

When the baby sprouts its first deciduous tooth, parents can choose silicone finger toothbrush to clean the baby’s teeth. Open your mouth, demonstrate to your baby, and then gently clean your teeth and tongue coating with your finger toothbrush. Don’t try too hard to avoid hurting your baby’s gums. From now on until the child is six or seven years old, brushing teeth twice a day is the task of parents. Food Grade Silicone Soft Bpa Free chewing toy baby teether toothbrush

2.Teether (Dental gum)

The baby gums itch hard after 6 months of growing teeth. It is advised to choose the toothbrush shaped teether which can also be used to clean the teeth.When brushing baby teeth, be sure to choose soft materials to clean the tongue and protect the baby’s fragile oral tissue.

3. The taste of toothpaste

Although some toothpastes are special for infants and young children but more or less irritating. Children’s taste is more sensitive, so when the toothbrush touches her teeth, it will be strongly rejected. When we choose toothpaste, try not to choose those with too strong mint flavor. We can use fruit flavor as a guide.

4. Nursery rhymes

We can search the keyword “tooth brushing song” on any music platform which related to tooth brushing will come out. Some teach the baby to brush his teeth by songs like “brushing left and right, and the teeth will be white ~”, while others tell the baby that if he doesn’t brush his teeth, his teeth will be broken.

5. Picture story book

Let children realize that they should brush their teeth after dinner, so as to cultivate children’s awareness of brushing their teeth by the pictures of many cartoon animals brushing their teeth in the book. Explain why you should brush your teeth in a way that your child can understand. If you don’t brush your teeth, they will turn yellow and black and grow worms.

6. Imitate parents

Babies have curiosity and the desire to imitate. We can let the baby observe on the side when brushing teeth. Let the baby be interested in brushing teether and it will be easier when it’s his turn to brush his teeth.

Hope that through the above 6 suggestions, let the baby get through the crying period of brushing teeth easily

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