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The growth and development of the baby can’t be separated from nutritional support, so many parents will worry because the baby doesn’t like eating. If you want your baby to love eating, you must first understand the reasons why he doesn’t like eating, so as to solve the problem pertinently.

Why Don’t Toddlers Like Eating?

1. Irregular diet

If the baby has the habit of eating snacks at ordinary times, and the fixed meal time cannot be guaranteed, or the time is prolonged or shortened due to playing during the meal, the normal gastrointestinal digestion will be disturbed in the long run, resulting in gastrointestinal peristalsis and secretion disorder. In this way, he will not eat because of intestinal discomfort.

2. Dining environment

Some toddlers do not eat at the table, but play while eating, which will make them inattentive to eating or resist eating.

3. Dyspepsia

Some parents may unilaterally pursue high nutrition and give their children meat, eggs, milk and other high protein foods, which will damage their intestines and stomach and cause indigestion. In addition, some toddlers do not like exercise. When metabolism is reduced, the digestive function of the gastrointestinal tract will be weakened, which is also easy to cause indigestion.

4. Loss of appetite

When the child is sick, he will not like to eat because of poor appetite. If the toddler is short of zinc, it will also cause taste changes. Parents can observe the baby’s tongue. If it is flat or atrophic, and there are many small protruding particles on the tongue, go to the hospital in time to check whether there are other health problems. 

How to Make Your Baby Love Eating?

1. Develop the habit of eating regularly

Since the baby is one year old, it is necessary to cultivate the habit of eating on time and in quantity. It is best to control the eating time within half an hour and not more than 40 minutes. Otherwise, eating after the food is cooled will cause indigestion and affect the baby’s gastrointestinal health.

2. Create a dining atmosphere

Some parents will play cartoons or play with them during the meal. Once they develop bad eating habits, it will be more difficult to change. It is suggested that they should gradually cultivate the habit of concentrating on eating after 1 year old. Try to have meal together with baby and introduce food to your baby while eating. Try to keep the dining atmosphere quiet and relaxed.

3. Let baby eat by himself

Many babies have a strong desire to eat when they are one year old. At this time, parents can prepare exclusive tableware for them, let them eat by themselves, and slowly cultivate their ability to eat independently. If the baby makes progress when eating independently, he should also be actively encouraged. Parents can prepare a combination of plates of various styles and colors, so that the child will be more and more interested in eating. Food grade BPA free silicone suction compartment plate manufacture is the best choice.

4. Increase food patterns

The baby is curious and interested in food that he has never seen. Therefore, parents can use different cooking methods, or increase food patterns. In this way, the baby will stimulate his appetite when he feels like it intuitively.

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