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What is the use of silicone finger toothbrush?

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Silicone finger toothbrush is especially for the baby to brush teeth, do not think that the baby does not have to brush their teeth; their teeth will accumulate dirt, so parents have to help them brush their teeth. But for silicone finger toothbrush, most parents feel too soft; do not know whether it works. So, does silicone finger toothbrush work? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction.

When choosing a toothbrush for your baby, you should choose suitable toothbrush products according to the age and oral environment characteristics of your baby. Finger toothbrushes are usually made of silicone, which allows children to get used to them before they actually start brushing. Especially for children with new teeth and sensitive gums, a toothbrush with bristles may cause them to resist and cry. At this time, a silicone fingertip toothbrush can be used.

How about a silicone finger toothbrush

1. Finger toothbrush, as the name implies, is a toothbrush set on the finger. Finger toothbrush is usually made of food grade silicone, with many bumpy bumps on it, which become like a small brush.

2. Silicone Baby Teething Teether Toothbrush biggest advantage is that it can help, also does not take the initiative in holding the baby toothbrush, cooperate actively to brush your teeth, to help them to remove plaque and food residue on the surface of the teeth, because for has teeth but can’t brush his teeth of children, in that they eat consisting of time, and there will be some food particles stuck in the middle of the teeth, It is also imperative to remove the dirt from between teeth.

3. The biggest advantage of finger toothbrush is that parents can control the frequency and intensity of brushing, which can effectively help children clean their teeth.

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