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What should we do when baby teething?

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Complementary food is the additional nutrient-rich food and drink that is recommended for children from six months. But when the baby teething, it may show various uncomfortable symptoms, such as biting fingers, waking up at night, irritability, especially sticky with parents, etc. Baby may not like to eat or swallow the food, spit out the food, etc.

Here are some tips to help baby relieve the pain of teething and have more interest in eating complementary food so as to get through this special period smoothly.

Babies like to bite hard things to relieve the pain when teething.
It’s better to cool the teether in the refrigerator.

Or gently massage the baby gums with silicone fingertips before eating solid food.

Silicone Feeding pacifier manufacturer. You can also prepare some molars for your baby. Pay attention to the ingredient list when making at home or purchasing. It should be sugar and salt free.

For baby with decreased appetite, consuming smaller, more frequent meals without liquids can help increase food intake.

It’s uncomfortable when baby teething. It is likely for baby to eat solid food much less than before. This is quite normal.

Don’t force baby to eat at this time. Forcing may make the baby more disgusted with food and more reluctant to eat.
It will be easier for baby to accept a small amount of food several times.

Many babies like cold hard food when teething. You can put the food as yogurt or fruit in the fridge to cool them a little bit then feed the baby straight away. You can also use a silicone feeding pacifier.

Food Grade Silicone chewing toy soothing baby teether for various ages. If your baby doesn’t like to be feed and prefer soft food, you can prepare a silicone straw cup/bowl for baby to eat by himself.

Try different kinds of food every meal if you don’t know what your baby likes.

What we can do is to prepare more gnawing things and provide appropriate food according to the baby’s preferences.
Try to comfort the baby emotionally and observe the baby’s response and accompany the baby through this period.

Please don’t worry too much if you have tried a lot but the baby still won’t eat solid food. Baby will eat naturally after all the teeth are sprouted.

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