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What surprises will the silicone industry bring us in the New Year?

2022-01-29 Page view : 61 views

First of all, the silicone, as a new synthetic polymer material, has outstanding advantages. It has high elongation, corrosion resistance, high temperature stability, edible grade silica gel composition, safety, non-toxic, health and safety.

As we all know, the large silicone factory in Shenzhen, China has a very rich variety of products.
LegenDay adopts the latest technology and provides customized services, including shapes / sizes / colors / signs / packaging, etc., to meet your specific needs-no matter what you have in mind, we will research and implement it!

With more than 10 years experience as a manufacturer and supplier of silicone products, LegenDay keep develop cost-effective silicone goods, we are trying let more and more people know and use silicone products, contribute their share to protect the earth. We have supplied innumerable silicone products to clients all over the world, including Americas, England, Europe, Australia, Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Poland, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey, Asia and Africa and so on, also have good reputation among them.

In 2021, the production of silicone products shows a trend of rapid development, and its application fields are also constantly expanding. The demand for organic silicone in various countries is huge, and this stage is an important stage of the development of our country’s silicone industry.

Everyone has experienced the benefits of using silicone products. In the New Year, silicone products will be more and more popular. In the next few years, China’s organic silicone will be in short supply!

The following are the product categories we are focusing on. Thank you for the customers and friends who have accompanied us all the way. In 2022, we will do our best to welcome friends who need to contact us.


•Silicone Feeding Products
Silicone Baby Pacifier
Silicone Bibs
Silicone Plate
Silicone Spoon
Silicone Bowl
Silicone Nipple
Silicone Feeding Bottle With Spoon
•Silicone Feeding Set Series
•Silicone Toys
Fruit Teether
Hand-Bell Teether
Animal Teether
3D Teether
Baby Teething Toothbrush
•Other Silicone Products
Silicone Bottle Brush
Silicone Nasal Aspirator
Silicone Hiccup
Silicone Drawing Placemat
Silicone Straw Cups
Silicone Beach Toys
Silicone Baby Snack Cup
Silicone Baby Bath Brush
Silicone Baby Shower Cap


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