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Wholesalers of High Quality Customizable Silicone Toothbrushes Are Here

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1. Brush head material has excellent physiological and chemical inertia, no oxidation, no degradation, no deformation.

2. Soft bristles, no gum and enamel damage when brushing teeth, no gum bleeding phenomenon, no enamel damage.

3. Massage gingival, promote blood circulation of gingival tissue, prevent periodontal disease, gingival atrophy.

4. Silicone toothbrushes are non-toxic, tasteless, does not stick to water, its water absorption is less than 0.015%, high permeability, no bacterial breeding.

5. Brush head with high temperature resistance, ≤260℃ high temperature cooking disinfection) high temperature disinfection.

6. The brush head is made of medical silica gel, soft, small friction coefficient, and long service life.

Legendary adheres to the design and selection concept of high-value, high-quality, and high-safety.
20 years of silicone industry team, automated production line, rich experience
Fast delivery of stock”
OEM & ODM can accept for customized design. Because we have professional drawing and technical team.
Safe and Fast shipping service from around the world. It have sea, air and train for choosing.

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