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Why are silicone toys the first choice of many parents?

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Silicone toys are made of silicone material, refined from natural rubber, and are resistant to high temperature. They can maintain good elasticity at a temperature of -60~250 °C, and have excellent thermal oxidation resistance and ozone resistance!

Many parents will buy some baby silicone toys when the baby is one year old in order to arouse the baby’s interest, also to promote the baby’s intellectual development.

Food Grade Silicone chewing toy baby teether soothing silicone toys for kids for various ages manufacturer are Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, more assured.
Silicon toys are the items that accompany us in leisure and entertainment. Silicon toys can be cleaned and disinfected with boiling water, which can be effectively disinfected.
There is no need to worry about the toys themselves being damaged.

Many silicone products on the market have bright colors and are very durable, such as silicone bags and silicone crash pads.

Silicone has the characteristics of long life, oxidation resistance and non-volatile, even after many years, the color will be as bright as ever.
Even if the baby does not play when he grows up, it is nice as a decoration.

How to choose baby silicone toys?
1. At 2-5 months, you can prepare items for your baby to chew on. Before the age of one, the baby’s mouth is in a sensitive stage. He is accustomed to using his mouth to perceive the world. Silicone toys are the best choice to meet his needs of teething and playing.

Around 8 months, you can prepare a variety of toys. During this period, the strength of the baby’s arms and limbs has increased, and bigger cartoon silicone toy can cultivate the baby’s interest.

2. At the age of 1, the baby’s learning ability gradually becomes stronger. If there are no toys, the baby’s curiosity will treat anything in the house as a toy and making a mess. It is also very dangerous.
So we have to choose some toys that can satisfy their curiosity, such as car beach balls and building blocks.

3. From one and a half to two years old, the baby’s intelligence and development are very fast, so the baby puzzle is a great idea.

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