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Why choose silicone bibs?

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Why choose silicone bibs?

Cultivating children to eat independently is a necessary stage for our families, although it was quite hard at the beginning.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of bibs or anti-dressing salvation. After a meal, the “dirty” baby will take off the bib or anti-dressing, and it will be the most beautiful cub.

Speaking of bibs, it not only can block saliva and food for babies’ beautiful clothes, but the food residues can become a snack for babies.

With a series of questions from moms, we evaluated several fabric bibs and silicone bibs on the market, maybe this can provide you reference!

Many babies like to suck and bite bibs. Sometimes when food falls on the bibs, they will pick them up and continue to eat. If the fabric bibs are easy to fade, the bibs will release harmful substances, etc., it is quite scary!

Silicone Baby Bibs VS Long sleeves-polyester fiber

Silicone Baby Bibs
√ Soft material
√ Strong pulling ability
√ Easy to clean
√ Can be stored & easy to carry
√ Can stock more food
* Easy to get dust

Long sleeves-polyester fiber
√ Long sleeves-polyester fiber
√ Soft material
√ Light weight
* Hard to clean
* Difficult to dry & peculiar smell in bad weather
* Prone to mould & dark spots
* Limited food available space

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