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Why do food grade silicone products have a strange smell? How to deal with it?

2022-02-04 Page view : 126 views

Currently, food-grade silicone is widely used in baby products such as bottles and baby pacifiers. Does food grade silicone taste normal? When parents smell the obvious smell of these silicone products, they are very concerned about the dangers of the smell.

So, why does food grade silicone products smell!

Food grade silicone has no smell on its own. It is a good, natural, green and environmentally friendly material. Therefore, it can be used in direct contact with the human body pacifiers, bottles and other products. However, the forming of food grade silicone products needs to rely on catalysts. The catalyst is added in the production process of food grade silicone, and the flavor is fixed after production. When we started making silicone products, these smells were even more obvious. Later, manufacturers baked them at high temperatures, and they tasted much worse. It tastes even less if stored for a long time!

Some food grade silicone products have just been produced and sold directly on the market. When people buy it and open it, they can clearly smell it. If you mind the taste of food grade silicone products, you can consider it to use boiled water silicone products, put them in ventilated dry place – period of time, and when to use them when they taste dissipation.

On the other hand, if the smell of food grade silicone products are spicy, taste it is obvious that smells very uncomfortable, parents should consider whether accord with standard of food grade silicone, silicone products, this may be suspected of adulteration!

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